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Camera Department

Melbourne, Australia


Steadicam Equipment

Tiffen Steadicam M-2 Sled

Tiffen Steadicam Volt System

Tiffen Steadicam G-70X Iso-Elastic Arm

ARRI Artemis Vest

Core SWX Hypercore Neo Slim 98Wh AB Mount Batteries

Small HD 703 Monitor

AB Mount / V-lock Power Plates, Power Cables

Backstage Magliner Jr Steadicam Trolley



2015 Ford Transit 350L VO

Features rear Anteo tail lift and interior racking

Full Comprehensive Vehicle insurance 

Additional Equipment

Small HD 702 monitor

Dana Dolly slider with track & slider stands

Custom Camera Assistant Trolley

Custom Directors Dual Monitor Trolley

Go Pro 7 Black kit

Canon 5D MK2 Stills Camera

Sigma 24-70mm T2.8 Zoom lens

Canon 50mm T1.4 Prime Lens

Zoom H4N sound recorder kit

Miller DS-20 tripod

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